Esoft appoints one of Denmark’s leading tech women as director for Esoft Connect

Lisbeth Chawes, who has more than 15 years’ experience in the technology industry and a vast body of expertise in the fields of branding and marketing, will step into the role of director for Esoft’s subsidiary Esoft Connect on 1 November 2018. 


Esoft has, effective from November 1, 2018, employed Lisbeth Chawes as director of Esoft's subsidiary Esoft Connect. Lisbeth Chawes has previously acted in leadership positions and in start-up companiesand comes from a management position at Komfo. In addition, she is on the list, "Inspiring Fifty: Nordics 2016," which celebrates the top 50 women in the Nordic region and brings with her a great deal of knowledge from the think-tanks Nexus and Circular Construction Challenge. Director of Esoft, Rene Dines, is looking forward to working with Lisbeth, stating, "With Lisbeth Chawes at the helm, the mission is to further develop and secure an international reach for our Esoft Connect platform. We believe that we have increasinginternational legitimacy with this product and can see that we are ahead of even the biggest competitors in this area."


Esoft Connect is an intelligent and fully automated marketing tool addressed at real estate agents. It is based on Big Data and AI, and the platform collects data from, among other sources, the Internet, brokers, websites and various partners, and then analysesthe data to reach the most relevant group of potential buyers. René Dines claims, "At Esoft we have an exciting journey ahead of us. Today, we have customers in 15 different countries, with the largest market in the US, where we now have customers across 13 states. We want to change the digital marketing of properties, and Esoft Connect is our solution. With Esoft Connect, we can focus on the latest technologies at a great price, while also offering unparalleled levels of efficiency and transparency,focusing on functionality for our users. Esoft Connect is a platform under development, and we are constantly learning new things. It is an ongoing process that sometimes feels odd, but we always come through and create unique products for our users. With Lisbeth Chawes as Director of Esoft Connect, we want to establish partnerships with both new and existing customers nationally and internationally.”


Lisbeth Chawes has previously worked with a diverse clienteleand states that she is looking forward to immersing herself in the vertical market offered by the real estate industry, and on focusing on the person behind the product. Despite Lisbeth’s vast tech expertise, she will primarily be making use of her experience working from a user-based perspective and, together with the other employees at Esoft Connect, creating a product that offers optimal solutions for the property sector. 

”Esoft is a business with lofty ambitions, which acknowledges and allows the opportunity to want something more. Esoft is focused on the developmentand following the trends in software technology. I see it as an exciting task to be allowed to be part of a larger group, where together we can share knowledge and produce unique products,” concludes Lisbeth Chawes. 


Lisbeth Chawes, based in the Odense, Denmark headquarters, will represent Esoft Connect across four continents.



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